Florida C2C Statewide Training Program

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Developing Collections Management and Development Policies
Three live workshops and nine month long training program


Join staff with responsibilities for collections at nonprofit and government organizations (museum, special, archeological, archival, historical house) in the State of Florida for training and the development of collections management and development policies. Follow the links below to get started!

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Live Program

Live ProgramAccess information about each workshop from the Live Program area, including assignments and agenda.

About the Presenters

PresentersLearn about the FL C2C workshop presenters from the Presenters area.

DiscussionsDiscussions at Any Time:
Keep the dialogue going — or start it! — by visiting the Discussions area of the site. Join in on any discussion, or start a new topic. You can also start a discussion related to any webinar presentation by clicking the “Discuss” button on that session’s page. We’ll see you there!

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Tech CheckTech Check:
Test your regional site’s readiness for the live C2C sessions. This special configuration room checks your connection to the Blackboard Collaborate rooms used for the real-time events — and it helps you test your audio. Try it now!

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After each workshop session takes place, we’ll post a recording of the webinar segments to the Recordings section of this community. Tune in at any time in the coming days, weeks or months to revisit these archives.

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